100 ways to describe the person that I love.


1.      He constantly laughs. (even if it’s not always funny)

2.      He is starving at all times. (eating most of the time)

3.      He is always talking big. (boasting oftentimes)

4.      He likes green. (relaxing in the eyes for him)

5.      He plays DotA whenever he has time. (even when he’s not feeling well)

6.      He has a short temper. (hates waiting!)

7.      He doesn’t like spending his leisure time with sleeping. (would rather eat than sleep)

8.      He easily sweats. (A LOT)

9.      A very bully person. (no doubt with that)

10.  He is really punctual, at all times. (you can really count the times he arrives late)

11.  He is a total whiner. (complaining every now and then)

12.  He can interrogate like a detective. (always asking for an explanation)

13.  He has a memory of an old person. (easily forgets something)

14.  He demands like a boss. (must obey what he wants. Period!)

15.  He is sooo caring! (always worrying)

16.  He cusses when he feels to. (not the literal meaning, just an expression)

17.  He is really sweet. (can easily make you fall in love)

18.  He doesn’t smoke. (disgusted about it)

19.  He likes to bet, makes a deal and the like. (definition of a gambler. jk!)

20.  He can tolerate sleepless nights. (always lacks sleep)

21.  He can be moody at all times. (without giving any single clue why)

22.  Like any other guy, he gets jealous easily. (sooo frequent)

23.  He is not a spoiled son. (rarely asks for something)

24.  He can be boring at times. (BUT it’s really unusual. Maybe there’s a reason)

25.  He is very open about himself. (just ask)

26.  He is very persistent. (insists what he wants)

27.  He rarely studies. (just when he really needs to)

28.  He doesn’t set his alarm clock. (can wake up early without it)

29.  He is into old songs.

30.  He can be responsible enough when the situation asks him to.

31.  He is a great listener. (always there when you have problems)

32.  He certainly doesn’t like cockroaches. (just because it’s gross)

33.  He can’t stay at home for the whole day. (he just simply can’t)

34.  He reads romance novels. (specifically Nicholas Sparks’ books)

35.  He rarely drinks beer and any other hard drinks. (and when he drinks, he knows his limit)

36.  He’s sooo full of himself. (too self-confidence)

37.  He is a lavish spender.

38.  He can be clichéd at times. (giving silly jokes or pick-up lines)

39.  He can’t just simply study for straight long hours.

40.  He can be a picky eater at times. (but eats anything when he got no choice)

41.  Beware of his acting skills!!!

42.  He got an appealing smile. (winsome accdg to him but it’s more of an alluring one. Lol jk!)

43.  He is a very health-conscious person.

44.  He can be a sweet brother sometimes. (even if he’s not aware of it)

45.  He is merely gross when talking about period. (but keeps asking because of curiousity)

46.  He has a weak will power to change. (only got a strong passion)

47.  He mostly got rubbish ideas or suggestions. (will still persist even after knowing it’s absurd)

48.  He knows how to play a guitar.

49.  He got a big crush on Anne Curtis!

50.  He doesn’t like eating popcorn. The one with cheese on it. (coz of the filthy hands you’ll get after eating)

51.  He is not into taking medicine even if he’s not feeling well.

52.  He can be a constant deceiver.

53.  He is very hard to please. (have a very high standards)

54.  Don’t test his patience!

55.  He really exerts big time efforts if he’s into that thing.

56.  He can be an understanding person oftentimes.

57.  He likes Emma Watson. (but not her short hair)

58.  He doesn’t like a promise that’s meant to be broken.

59.  He can be calm most of the time.

60.  He can be unexpectedly irritable.

61.  He can be a bit possessive. (but not the annoying one)

62.  He is a bit irksome with gays. (I’m not talking to all of them, just the annoying ones I think)

63.  He wants his questions answered. (not giving the question back to him)

64.  He doesn’t like being compared to others.

65.  He also daydreams like everyone.

66.  He may be stubborn but he knows how to admit when he’s wrong.

67.  He is always lost for words when he’s not in the mood.

68.  Impulsiveness at its best when raging mad!!!

69.  His trust is very hard to earn.

70.  He is definitely pretty lazy.

71.  He can show his sympathy to others at times.

72.  He won’t let you know what affects him.

73.  He can be sensitive.

74.  You can always count on him when you need a helping hand.

75.  He do what he thinks is right.

76.  You can rarely feel his sincere sorry. (but when he’s sincere, he means it)

77.  He doesn’t like sarcastic answers.

78.  He can be hardly ever goofy. (very random craziness)

79.  He can always have a hard time understanding something. (slow pick-up)

80.  He doesn’t like taking down notes in class.

81.  He can be childish on the odd occasion.

82.  He is a exceptionally trustworthy friend.

83.  He is not a pessimist. (always looking on the bright side)

84.  He is not shy telling embarrassing stories.

85.  He knows how to play table tennis sooo well. (very envious right there)

86.  He doesn’t pay attention to other’s opinion about him.

87.  People frequently get a bad perception regarding him.

88.  Although he easily forgets small details, he remembers a big deal details.

89.  When he gets silent, something’s up!

90.  He can be real cold when he’s definitely angry.

91.  He can have an attitude that’s very hard to deal with. (but I don’t care about that)

92.  He can make me regret each madcap word I’ve said to him each time we argue.

93.  He can make the most out of me.

94.  He is absolutely a man worth having.

95.  He is one of a kind.

96.  He makes me fall head over heels in love with him. :’’’’’>

97.  There is somewhat on him that I am scared to lose. (coz I am afraid not to be able to find it in someone else)

98.  And he is the man I can’t easily goodbye.

99.  Yeah, he’s not perfect but I love him for what he is.

100.    His name is Paul Bryan Zuñiga Macasaet.


You set it again, my heart’s in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I’m at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark

And I’m in love
And I’m terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only life

Anything worth having is worth working for. That’s why I don’t want to let go of this guy. And I can’t. For his better or his worse side, I will still love him no matter what. Sorry for being stupid. Sorry for the very spontaneous decisions I’ve always got in my mind. Sorry for constantly having petty quarrels with you these past few weeks. Sorry for not keeping to my word that I won’t easily give up. Sorry for blowing another chance. Sorry, baby. ☹ xx

And just remember, I love you still. Always have, always will. :* >:D<

— 09/15/12.

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